“EJ has been a student, training partner and friend of mine for many years. I am proud to have him represent the Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Association in Plymouth, Michigan. EJ is an important part of a strong team that we have worked hard to develop. EJ is a great instructor and will teach you traits and techniques that you can use to defend yourself against larger and stronger opponents. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and train with a great competitor and teacher!”

Chris Blanke – Midwest Director for the Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Association, former World MMA and Pan American BJJ Champ

"I've been training jiu-jitsu at the Plymouth academy for one year. EJ has showed me, on a daily basis, how useful and applicable jiu-jitsu is in my profession as a Detroit Police Officer. EJ is by far the most helpful and patient instructor I have encountered. He takes the time to go through techniques, step by step, and shows you how to correct any mistakes. If you are looking for a great workout and a great place to learn jiu-jitsu, RJJA of Plymouth is the place to go."

John Dunlap, Detroit Police Officer

“I have trained with EJ for nearly 5 years now.  Over this time I have come to learn what a great amount of jiu jitsu EJ knows.  He knows all the basics as well as more advanced techniques then you'll ever need to know.  He is always willing to help people to improve their jiu jitsu game in anyway possible.  He always betters not only his students but himself and other high ranks through teaching and training.  EJ is a great teacher because of how well he understands the game of jiu jitsu.  His technique and fluidity are second to none.  EJ doesn't use an ounce of strength when he trains or teaches which makes his jiu jitsu easy for anyone to learn.  This is the way jiu jitsu should be!”

Dante Leon

“What I like about Jiu-Jitsu is that it’s physically challenging and requires strength and mastering techniques to accomplish the satisfaction of winning, and getting better. I’ve always enjoyed wrestling with my friends, and love the “one-on-one” competition…They make training seem like hanging out with your friends. But they also challenge you to do your personal best. And that’s what I like about Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.”

Jake Judge
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